What do we mean by “Quiet Time” and why do some children need more than others?

Most young children often need a quiet space to relax. The world around us can be very busy and noisy. Being in a quiet, cosy place can help young children feel more secure, comfortable and better able to cope with the world around them.

All they might need is to be on a sofa, their bed, in a cosy book corner or relaxing on someone’s knee for a few minutes. For some children with Additional Support Needs this may not be enough.

The sounds, sights, movement and smells of the world around us can be a significant challenge for some children. Their sensory threshold, or the level of sensory input they can tolerate, may be lower or different to other children. Many children with ASN dont sleep well. Just going through a typical day at home or in an Early Years and Childcare Setting (ELC) might be very stressful and tiring for them.

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