Play Steps

Play Steps is designed to support and guide the learning, development of skills, confidence and self-esteem of children with additional support needs. Play steps are differentiated to provide opportunities for children to engage with and take part in activities at a level appropriate to their developmental stage.

The overarching aim is to support children to access the Curriculum for Excellence to enable them to be Successful Learners, Confident individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.

The document is organised into play areas and activities commonly found in Early Learning and Childcare settings. It provides examples of small steps to help when children are experiencing difficulties in accessing the activities available in a particular area.

The steps do not all need to be completed or completed in order as written. They offer a list of suggestions to help staff differentiate the activities on offer, either by using the ideas as presented or adapting them to generate their own.

It is not intended that the whole of this document be used exclusively with one child. Sections can be used independently, depending on the interests of the child, or in areas where specific needs have been identified. Steps can be dated and comments added to provide a record of responses and progress.

Play Steps could be used to help identify and generate ideas for SMART targets for Individualised Educational Programmes.

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