New EASEYS for ASN on topic of Emotional Development

All too often PSHVTs are asked for information and resources to help young children with their understanding of emotions. Hopefully you will find some advice and useful ideas for resources which best meet the needs of children in your setting.

The core features of emotional development explored are:

  • to identify and understand ones own feelings
  • to accuratley read and comprehend emotional states in others
  • to manage strong emotions and their expression in a constructive manner
  • to regulate one’s own behaviour
  • to develop empathy for others

EASEYS for ASN Feelings in Me, Feelings in You

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New EASEYS for ASN – Supporting Inclusion for Early Learning and Childcare Expansion

Have you considered the impact of the expanded hours on children with Additional Support Needs (ASN)?

Some of the questions in this EASEYS for ASN could apply to all children in your setting but may have more of an impact for children with ASN. What might be a minor inconvenience for some could have a dramatic impact on others. Adjusting your environment and approaches could make all the difference…

EASEYS Supporting Inclusion for ELC Expansion 050220

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New EASEYS for ASN on core support strategies


Another EASEYS for ASN for your collection!

Support Strategies Toolbox



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Hot off the Press! More EASEYS for ASN

Three new EASEYS added on these topics. Please share with colleagues.

Meeting Additional Support Needs






Intensive Interaction





Key Transitions




Please feel free to share in the comments section if these have helped your practice.

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Helping Children with ASN Engage with Songs, Rhymes and Stories

The Pre-school Home Visiting Teachers are at it again!

A new EASEYS for ASN has been added which contains ideas around the topic of making songs, rhymes and stories accessible to a whole range of support needs.

The EASEYS sheet comes complete with a booklet, “Together Time”, which was originally designed for parents, and focuses on enhancing bonding experiences and making literacy accessible.

Also available is an information sheet on the topic of sensory umbrellas.

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New materials from the PSHVTs

Pre-school Home Visiting Teachersmini butterfly

We have begun to populate our sections of the Blog.

Look out for the new EASEYS

Encourage And Support Early Years Skills for Additional Support Needs

New topics being added regularly so keep checking back.

Don’t forget to leave a comment!

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